Sister of the Week, Kelsey!


Name: Kelsey Savage

Year:  Senior

Major: Biology, Pre-Med concentration, Math & Anthropology minors

Position: Vice President of Administration

Pledge Class: Xi

1. What is your favorite quote and why?

​”It’s not about what we do when we dream, it’s about what we do when we wake up”–Anonymous.  This quote pushes me through tough days where I’m bogged down in everything that I need to finish. We can say we are going do things today or tomorrow, but it only matters once we actually accomplish those tasks.  This isn’t saying that dreaming big is bad, but that we need to accomplish the little steps it takes to reach those dreams.

2. What is your spirit animal?

It’s not an animal per se, but it would be bacteria.  I work in a research lab to save amphibians by using probiotics, and I am working with it every waking hour.  Friends know how obsessive I am over my bacteria, and I know it’s weird but I just accept it.  I know a lot about frogs too, obviously because of my research about amphibians, so I guess if I had to pick an actualanimal, it would be a frog.

3. What’s your favorite part about Delta Week?

Brunch after the first part of initiation is FANTASTIC–well, because food.  Plus you become a lot closer with your family!


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