Sisters of the Week, Kayla and Liv!

This week for Sister of the Week our chapter would like to recognize our Panhellenic delegates Kayla and Liv for all of their hard work in organizing our Fat Talk Free Week events last week. Fat Talk Free Week is a week that our chapter is always excited for and this year these girls went above and beyond in making this week a success! Kayla and Liv organized a guest speaker for the chapter, commons day events, and even created FTFW stickers that were placed on the cup sleeves at on-campus Starbucks! Overall it was a great week and our chapter would like to thank these girls for all they do in their position and for our chapter!
*Delta Love*

Name: Olivia Cashan
Year: Junior
Pledge Class: Pi
Major: Health Services Administration
Hometown: Hammonton, New Jersey
1. What song do you have on repeat lately?
All about that bass because its Fat Talk Free Week and I’m pretty sure that’s the anthem 🙂
2. If you could trade places with anyone for a day who would it be and why?
I would trade places with Ellen Degeneres because she has my dream job and gets to meet people everyday and help out anyone she can!
3. What’s the most important message that you hope our campus will walk away with from “Fat Talk Free Week”?
I hope our campus can learn the importance of what true beauty and health is. Fat Talk Free is not to prevent those from a healthy lifestyle, but from an unattainable image that is created by media. I also hope this campaign can properly educate the campus on what appropriate attitudes and comments are towards body image.
Name: Kayla Rasmussen
Year: Sophomore
Pledge Class: Pi
Position: Jr Panhellenic Representative
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Kennett Square PA
1. If you could get up and move anywhere in the world for one month where would you go and what would you do? 
I would pack my bags and move to France. I love European culture and France is only a plane ride or quick train ride away from boarding European countries. I would take the month to relax, experience different traditions, and be put out of my comfort zone due to language barriers. 
2.  If you were a snack food what would you be and why?
I would be a piece of fruit. I am always on the go and it is always efficient to just grab an apple or banana for a quick energy boost.
3. What have you learned about yourself through Fat Talk Free Week?
Fat Talk Free Week has been an eye opening experience for me. I thought I knew what Fat Talk was going into it, but it soon came to my knowledge that Fat Talk is so much more than the stereotypical definition. I learned that not only does talking bad about yourself negatively influence everyone who surrounds you, but even complimenting something as simple as “wow you look great, have you lost weight?” can be taken the wrong way. I hope that this week helps anyone struggling with body image find peace with themselves and realize how beautiful they are. 

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