Welcome to the Delta Nation to our Rho Pledge Class!

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The Gamma Tau chapter of Delta Delta Delta would like to welcome 68 new wonderful sisters to the Rho pledge class and to our amazing sisterhood! This year our recruitment theme was Home Sweet Tri Delta and that theme was evident at Bid Cel when we were able to welcome home all of these fabulous girls to the Delta Nation. We have an exciting new member process ahead for our Rhos and an awesome Big Little Week coming up! WE LOVE OUR RHOS!

Abby Curtis
Abby Hinkle
Alexa Ina
Alexis English
Alyssa Bobcheck
Alyssa Greene
Ana Fitzpatrick
Anna Giller
Annie Banton
Arden Carlton
Bridgette Yoder
Caitlin Dow
Carly Marx
Cece Adams
Charlotte Jeacock
Clara Clough
Collette Yoder
Courtney Gleason
Emily McDonald
Erica Witoslawski
Erin O’Connor
Gabrielle Vogt
Hannah Coulter
Heather Durkin
Jamie Karanossos
Jaqueline Cardi
Jenna Iannazzo
Jenny DePrado
Julia Stringer
Justine Wollman
Kaity Hoffman
Kassidy Taylor
Katherine Wagner
Katie Blumer
Katie Kennedy
Katie Mannarino
Katie Wallace
Kayte Walvoort
Kelly Bruner
Kelsey O’Hara
Kimberly Woodcock
Kristen Lauro
Laura Streaman
Lauren McMorrow
Lauren Revere
Leanna Governale
Lindsey Sheilds
Mackenzie Kick
Maddie Pfaff
Maddy Bessa
Madi Ball
Meaghan Heinecke
Megan Foley
Morgan Kocolis
Nicole Pascale
Olivia Sueiro
Raegan Thatcher
Samantha Chudsid
Sarah Buczkowski
Sydney Lett
Sydney Seol
Taylor Amoroso
Taylor Currie
Taylor Katona
Taylor Pieroni
Tori Emmons
Valerie Monson
Victoria Vann


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