Sister of the Week, Taylor!



Name: Taylor McMahan
Year: Junior Class of 2015
Major: IDLS; Elementary Education
Position: Risk Manager

1. If you were a snack food, what would you be?

Club crackers. It is currently the staple food in my apartment, and I have to hide them from my roommates because they always eat mine. Everyone loves club crackers, and everyone just always wants them. They’re classic, and perfect for all occasions. 

2. What’s your strangest guilty pleasure?

I will watch anything on Disney channel. I love it. Whether it’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Saturday mornings at 9am, or my personal favorites: ANT Farm, Austin and Ally, and my all time favorite, Phineas and Ferb. I’m known to laugh out loud at these shows, as well as sing to every word of all of the theme songs.

3. What has been your favorite moment in Tri Delta so far?

Getting my little! Surprising her at big/little reveal was so great. And the day that we spent together was so full of love, excitement, and happiness. I was also definitely reminded that I have a real sister and true friend. That day will be a day we will reminisce upon at our weddings. Love you Kristen!


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