Meet Caitlin, Our Tri Delta Sister of the Week

Meet our Tri Delta Sister of the Week, Caitlin!


Caitlin Fuchs

Year: Sophomore

Class: 2016

Major: Marketing with an Educational Media Minor

Position: Assistant Social Chair

 What is the most “dare-devil” thing you have ever done? 

During the summer after my junior year of high school I went on a service trip to Macedonia for two weeks with some kids from my school. While there my friend, Derek, and I jumped off a cliff about 40 feet high into Lake Matka. It took about 15 minutes of standing at the rail to actually force myself to jump of this sketchy cliff but I did it and have the picture to prove it!”

If money weren’t an object, what would your dream job be and why?

I’m a big dork but in middle school I worked on set crew all three years for the school plays and loved it. My dream job would be to work on sets for broadway shows or movies.” 

What made you join Tri Delta?

Coming to college and only knowing a few kids from my high school kind of scared me, so I knew I wanted to be apart of something that would make the campus feel smaller to me. By joining greek life I knew I would get to know so many interesting and different people and have a way to be involved on campus. I picked Tri Delta because all the girls I talked to were pretty cool and chill. And you guys let me in so yeah that was pretty cool.” 



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