Letter from Alumnae, Marina Mezzetti

Our alumnae sister, Marina Mezzetti, recently wrote a letter to our chapter reflecting on her experience and memories of Tri Delta.


“So, right now I am writing this letter, looking at the ocean and thinking about you all! This year I had Nikita come and spend New Year’s with me in Brazil, and it was an amazing time (she will never want to spend new years in the States again lol jk)! But really, I graduated in May, and I keep on thinking about the connections that Tri Delta brought into my life. Looking back at all the experiences I had at James Madison University, I believe being apart of this sisterhood was one of the most valuable ones. When my roommate, first told me about “sorority life”, I just had that “Legally Blonde” movie in my head. I think a couple of you remember this story. But later on, getting to know Tri Delta and most importantly our beautiful philanthropy St. Jude, inspired me in ways that I could never have imagined. I am so thankful for you all!

When I think about it, if I could go back and do something different, I would have tried to meet as many sisters as I could.  If I could be honest I got to know a lot more sisters the last year I was at JMU, which I look back on now and think is a shame. Now I am 7,668.65 km away and I mean, in less than a year from graduation I have already had someone that I couldn’t have imagined before, crossing the ocean and coming to visit me! Someone I got closer with just my last semester and I wish I had had more school time with. So I’m not saying to be best friends with every girl, but at least try hard to really get to know as many sisters as you can because after all, you are apart of this amazing group of women, so make it worth it!

I need to say: College life is amazing. After it ends, real life starts and the memories you take with you are not how much you studied, how stressed out for a test you got, or the grades you had…but the friends that you made. Or in this case, the sisters that you gained. Family is given to us, but friends are the family we choose. Sisters will forever be apart of your life if it is your wish to have them there. I am in Brazil for example, and I keep in touch on a daily basis with 6 sisters. And I feel so blessed for each one of them, true friends for life! Plus, to be very honest, as an employer I can say that most of the times it is not everything you did that put you out there in a good position, but the network you made. Being apart of a sisterhood really prepares you for life outside of college in many ways, and while you may not understand it right now, you will one day.

Well, live it up! 2014 is here! Wish that it brings along love, joy, warmth, peace, good tidings, everlasting friends and all that is beautiful!

I miss you all and if anyone wants to come to Brazil someday, I will always have my doors open for you!

Love/ Com Carinho,

Marina Mezzetti”


Marina and Nikita, Class of 2013, in Brazil

Thanks for thinking of us Marina, we miss you! DLAM<3


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