Introducing Sister of the Week!

The Gamma Tau chapter would like to introduce our first ever Sister of the Week!  Every week we will be posting a short Q and A so you will be able to get to know a little bit about the sisters in our chapter. Our first Sister of the Week is Shelby Denn. Congrats Shelbs, we love ya!


Shelby Denn

Year: Junior

Class: 2015

Major: Nursing

Position: Reference Chair

If you were a snack food what would you be?

Some may not think this would be a snack food but I would be a caramel frappachino. It has the perfect blend of sweetness and some energy.”

 If right now you could go anywhere for a month where would you move to and why?

Well I was just home for a month so my first answer would be to go back home for a month and snuggle with my puppies and hangout with my parents. But my other option would be to go to Kenya for a month. I’ve always wanted to go to an area such as that where I can better my medical skills while also helping children and families.”

What has been your favorite moment in Tri Delta so far?

This is going to sound very cliche, but I don’t have a particular favorite moment. Instead, I would say my favorite moment would be to decide to join an organization that has forever changed my life and given me people that I will forever have lifelong friendships with. “


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