What made me join Tri Delta?

“I wanted to find a sense of purpose and belonging in a sorority and the minute I walked into the house I felt a sense of belonging among the sisters. It seemed as though I had known these girls for years yet I was just meeting them for the first time. I also taught a brave little girl who lost a tough battle to brain cancer the final day of rush. Having St.Jude as our philanthropy was sort of a sign to me that this is where I belong, and this is my purpose. I am so happy to have made the decision and could not be happier with my choice!” -Kendra L.

“During rush I loved how passionate everyone was about the philanthropy– St. Jude. Every time I went through I round at the Tri Delta house, I was overwhelmed by the amount stories regarding the fundraisers and events that go towards helping St. Jude. It made me realize that I wanted to be a part of sorority worked together in a sisterhood to help others. I definitely feel I made the right choice”
-Jackie W.

“There are certain decisions in life that some people approach with hesitation. For me, joining Tri Delta was one of the easiest choices of my life. Rush was a blur, so many houses with so many wonderful philanthropies and enthusiastic girls to meet. But the one house that always left me feeling at home was Tri Delta. This may sound silly, but the reason I fell in love with Tri Delta was because every single time it was time to leave, I wasn’t ready. I felt like I had more to say; I felt like I had more to learn. I would always walk out of the house with this new found confidence. Which is something that is hard for me to really put into words. It was almost like the girls in the house made me feel that they cared what I had to say. The girls felt like my family, the older girls set an example of what I wanted to be when I grew up. This was something I was really wanted in a sorority. Joining Tri delta was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my little life. Not only did joining a sorority give me a home away from home, it gave me my big, a support system, a family, but most importantly, it has helped me find who I really want to grow up to be. And I think that’s something really amazing.” -Alexa P.

“they were the only genuine girls I talked to. The girls were so nice and down to earth, I knew I had to be a part of it! -Liza Karras

“I could tell that this wasn’t just a group of girls who were friends, it was a family and that’s what I was looking for. I’m an only child so the idea of having a ton of girls to call sisters was amazing to me, and I was looking for a group that I could fit into. When I first stepped into the TriDelt house, I felt at home. Everyone was so inviting and had so many things in common with myself. That feeling just grew each day and I knew on preference night that this was the one. It was the only house that I felt 100% that I could be myself in and grow as a person.” -Victoria H.

“Every time I went back to the house during rounds, every girl I talked to seemed so genuine and I felt like they listened to me and cared about what I said. I looked forward to going back every single day. I felt at home!” -Kelli Anne L.

“I loved everyone’s enthusiasm for St. Jude. It is such a great cause and everyone is so excited to help the kids who need so much!” -Tori Sault



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