2013 Year in Review!

Looking back on this year, it is hard to believe how much we accomplished in such a short period of time! We started off 2013 finishing up our “sincerely yours” project for St. Jude in which sisters sent letters to family and friends all over to raise awareness and funds to help fight childhood cancer! It was a truly heartwarming experience to know that we could share our love for St. Jude to all over our loved ones at home! (P.S. keep a look out in the mail for this year’s letter J) All the sisters of Gamma Tau came together to bake yummy treats for our first annual Delta Desserts fundraiser on March 12, 2013 which was a huge success! Each sister baked a special treat and invited all of campus to come out for an all you can eat dessert buffet! Panhellenic Council held Easter Egg Hunt on the Row the following week and then the Alumni Gala on April 6, 2013! The Alumni Gala was a fabulous event held at the football stadium in which alumni came to meet new sisters and catch up with old friends! April was a busy month with Deltas through the Decade in Greek Sing, the annual Relay for Life walk, and Pansy brunch all in the same week! But it was a wonderful week for the sisters to come together for some fun events and then hold a great celebration to send off the seniors of 2013! Our seniors had a great senior week filled with a bounce house night, baskets made by their families, and even a trip to a local vineyard! We ended the Spring semester on a high note and excited for the fall! Our fall recruitment was one to remember and was worth all the hard work to be able to welcome 70 new sisters on festival lawn at Bid Cel! Our new members were matched with their loving big sisters the following week! Our Big Little reveal this year was a new and creative idea in which each big was hiding in a personalized box which the little unwrapped on the quad in front of all that were around! It was a great memory that the Pi’s and sponsors will never forget! This year we also hosted our first Capture the Cure event which was a Capture the Flag tournament open up to all organizations at JMU! We had a great turnout from not only the greek community, but the university’s clubs and organizations! The sisters welcomed all of our families on parent’s weekend to an open house in the house basement and a Stella and Dot fundraiser for St. Jude! The Gamma Tau chapter teamed up with Panhellenic Council and Operation Beautiful for an impactful and inspirational Fat Talk Free Week which promoted positive body image across campus! Panhellenic Council organized this year’s Trick or Treat on the Row which was another huge success for the entire greek community! The fall was a busy time for the Gamma Tau chapter and in between all of our events we also had numerous sisterhood events and retreats that really brought the sisters together and made us stronger than ever! We finished off our Fall semester with a great Initiation weekend and Founder’s Brunch celebrating 125 years of sisterhood! This year has shown our sister’s how lucky we are to have one another and really given us an opportunity to form everlasting friendships. Through obstacles and accomplishments, we have been there for each other and formed a wonderful sisterhood.

From all of the sisters of Delta Delta Delta we would like to thank you for your continued support and we can not wait for another great year!

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