Ringing In The New Year

Happy New Year! We hope that everyone had a fun and safe evening saying farewell to 2013 and welcoming in the new year. We asked our sisters to share their plans and resolutions for the upcoming year.


My New Year’s Resolution is to start running again and run my entire half marathon in April with my little, Allie Getz.”

Katie Heffner

IDLS, Elementary Education

Junior, Omicron


My New Year’s resolution is to run a marathon!! Always wanted to do that.”

Aashna Dhayagude

Marketing & Management

Freshman, Pi 


My New Year’s resolution is to go to the gym more often than I did this past semester and to order less Campus Cookies (sacrilege, I know). I can’t wait to work closely with every 2014 officer to make our chapter stronger.”

Kelsey Savage

Biology/ Pre-Med

Junior, Xi


My New Year’s resolution is to start building up my resume. Whether it’s working for a magazine or being more hands on in the fashion industry, my dream is to work with fashion. I hope to score a great local internship to help increase my chances of someday scoring a life changing internship in New York City that will eventually lead to my ideal career.”

Kayla Rasmussen


Freshman, Pi


Stacey and Aimee

My New Years resolution is to continue striving towards being the healthiest person that I can be and to keep a positive body image and mind set. It’s something that I have had to deal with and battle my entire life and I just want to portray to other people that we are all beautiful just the way we are inside and out.”

Stacey Coral

Health Sciences

Sophomore, Omicron

This year I’m going to cook once a week from cook books that my mom has given to me.”

Aimee Banting

Hospitality Management

Junior, Xi


I have a few! Survive, making dean’s list would be cool, running another half marathon in under 2 hours and make something of myself.”

Jennifer Corser


Junior, Pi


My New Year’s Resolution would be to do better in school and try to make Dean’s List!”

Mary Elizabeth Myers

Health Sciences/ Pre-Med

Freshman, Pi


I would like to eat healthier and run the world.”

Danielle Galloway

Sports Recreation & Management

Junior, Xi


Alexandra and Hannah

This New Year I hope to chase my dreams with undoubted self-love and knowledge and I look forward to finding out what adventures await me.”

Alexandra Airey

Social Work

Sophomore, Pi

I’ve never really been one to revolutionize every New Year but I think one thing that really stresses me out is when other people stress out over nothing. I’d like to help people understand how sweating the small stuff really isn’t worth the time and energy.”

Hannah Kotarski


Sophomore, Omicron


To get in shape and spend time working and learning about more things in the entertainment industry”

Jordyn Kennedy

School of Media Art and Design- Digital Video & Convergence

Junior, Xi

Morgan Milller

My New Year’s Resolution is to get cast in a couple of the shows her at JMU.”

Morgan Miller

Musical Theater

Freshman, Pi


I have a couple new years resolutions. My first is to HOPEFULLY get into accelerated nursing school. AHHH STRESSFUL. My second is to workout. I am already very committed to my fitness, but I wanna try eating gluten free or vegetarian or something, because why not! I focus so much, and on working out I wanna focus just as much on my food. I also want to take up boxing, I’ve done it a couple times and would love to do it more.”

Meghan Melina

Kinesiology/ Exercise Science

Senior, Nu


For 2014 I am determined to just take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way! I am resolving to not turn anything new or fun down and to just take a minute every day to look around and appreciate where I am. I am looking forward to taking life a little more slowly because I know the last three semesters I have left of college are going to fly by!”

Melanie Gray


Junior, Xi



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