Sisters Share Their Favorite Holiday Memories & Traditions

With holiday spirit and the smell of Christmas cookies in the air we wanted to share some of our sister’s favorite holiday memories and traditions. Enjoy!

“My favorite family holiday tradition is my dad reading the Polar Express every Christmas Eve and the Jammie Elf (aka mom) leaving matching Christmas pajamas for us on our beds when we get home from midnight mass.”

 Stacey Coral, Sophomore, Omicron 

“I go to Florida for New Years and Christmas every year.”

Lyndsay Solomon, Freshman, Pi


“Every year for as long as I can remember my family and I watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” on Christmas Eve. It’s such a classic! Plus, it reminds us that the holidays are all about friends and family and not all about the gifts we are about to get the next day!”

Melanie Gray, Junior, Xi

“Cookie day! every year we all the women in my family come to my house and we have a whole day full of christmas cookie baking.”

Christina Nesi, Sophomore, Omicron

“Amanda Ault and I used to love going to get our photo taken with Santa… we were super cool clearly. I thought you would enjoy these heinous middle school (or maybe even high school) photos. LOL. Maybe we will go get another one this year….. Doubtful though. Merry Christmas!!”

“My family and I love going to Naples, Florida and watching the Christmas boat parade!! We had a blast this year, as always.”

Jennifer Corser, Junior, Xi



Amanda on the left & Jenn on the right. Love the coordinating outfits each year ladies!

“My family is pretty lame in the fun traditions department… But my favorite childhood memory is falling asleep by the balcony waiting for Santa to come!”

Katie Heffner, Junior, Omicron

“I remember one Christmas morning as a kid, my dad was trying to burn the leftover wrapping paper in the fireplace but ended up setting off the fire alarm for what had seemed like ages! Every year, everyone opens up one gift on Christmas Eve—I guess to curb the enthusiasm overnight.”

Kelsey Savage, Junior, Xi

“My family usually goes to Tennessee Christmas morning after we open presents, but this year I am trying to start a new tradition… CHRISTMAS DAY BOARD GAMES! We aren’t travelling to Tennessee until the day after Christmas so hopefully I can force my family to play board games with me all day. Wish me luck.”

Liz Williams, Sophomore, Omicron

“I stay home for Christmas with my family and spend the rest of break at my deep creek house snowboarding.”

Rachel Dansey, Sophomore, Pi 

Rahcel New

“My favorite childhood memory is baking cookies! Every year we make dozens on dozens of cookies and send them to all of our family and friends. We make everything from chocolate chip to snicker doodles. We literally start baking early in the morning and do not finish until late at night. It is such a delicious memory and a great way to bond with my family as we wait for the cookies to bake and cool.”

Kayla Rasmussen, Freshman, Pi

“Every year my family goes on a tacky light tour. We go to the same houses every year, but it never gets old!”

Michele Goad, Sophomore, Omicron

“My favorite holiday memory was when my dog decided to hang out under the Christmas tree that I decorated for 5 hours and then he thought it would be really fun to roll in the presents underneath the tree and ended up messing everything up.  But he still got the best Christmas present, a huge bone that was almost the size of him!”

Aashna Dhayagude, Freshman, Pi 

“Every year my family goes on a train ride with Santa.  My dad is always the first person in line to make sure that we get the caboose.  All together their are 22 of us so we take up the entire caboose on the train! I haven’t been able to go in the past two years because I was at school but I made it home in time for the train ride this year! Afterwards we take our Christmas card picture with Santa then go to my sister Becky’s house to celebrate my nephew, Jack, and niece, Jessenia, birthdays.”

Molly Hoffmaster, Junior, Xi

My fam

“My mom and I always make a ton of Christmas cookies together.”

Morgan Miller, Freshman, Pi

“We have a family tradition every year of making a holiday calendar. We dress up for each month and take ridiculous pictures. We have been doing this calendar for over 13 years and each year it gets weirder and weirder.”

Kendra Lerner, Freshman, Pi 

“My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve mass and dinner with my whole extended family.”

Carli Kohler, Sophomore, Omicron

“My favorite childhood holiday memory/tradition actually is still going on in the Melina house! My uncle Johnny is handicapped and had an accident when he was 4 years old. Johnny is now 51, but has been stuck in the mind of a 4 year old his whole life. He is the most magical part of are family and is loved by everyone he meets. Johnny still believes in Santa, and we HAVE to decorate cookies for him before he can come down the chimney. I took this video of him on Christmas morning 3 years ago hehe, he cries at the end because he’s so happy that Santa has rewarded him for being such a good boy haha. (Oh and Tom is my dad lol). I just wish everyone got that excited for being with there family on Christmas.”

Meghan Melina, Senior, Nu

Link to Meghan’s video:


Meghan and Johnny


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