St. Jude Visit

The entrance to St. Jude

Last month, a group of sisters traveled to Memphis, TN to visit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In 1999, Tri Delta partnered with St. Jude and adopted the hospital as the sorority’s national philanthropy. Since then, Tri Delta as a whole has had a part in raising over $16.7 million for St. Jude. Every year, individual chapters hold philanthropy events to fundraise money to offset the costs of the hospital. At JMU, we implemented two new events this past year, DHop and Delta Desserts, and plan to implement a third new event, Capture the Cure, this fall. Hear what sisters Stephanie Coyle, Ashley Ernst and Serena Cersosimo had to say about their experience below.

“Visting St. Jude was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. You hear and see about St. Jude from videos and pictures but to actually be able to go there is life-changing. Every wall was full of color and there was just an overall happy feeling when I walked into St. Jude. Being able to see the Tri Delta floor made it real. Knowing that we are constantly working toward making a difference is a truly rewarding feeling. My personal favorite part of the trip was finally meeting Ingram! [Ingram is a patient at St. Jude whose family came to speak to the sisters of Gamma Tau] There was no plan to meet him there and the fact that we spontaneously ran into him was so exciting. He is such a strong little guy and JMU Tri Delta continues to support him everyday!” – Stephanie Coyle, Xi

“My favorite part of the tour was seeing Ingram. Other than that, seeing how cheery and bright the walls and rooms were decorated was great because I think it totally sets the mood for the hospital. I think it really helps keep hope alive and makes it easy to be happy there. :)” – Ashley Ernst, Omicron

The sisters with Ingram and his mom, Ashley Dismuke

“My favorite part about St. Jude was seeing the Tri Delta Teen Room. We always talk about St. Jude, and raising money for it, but I never truly saw what difference we make. Being able to see the room was such an eye-opening experience. Not only was it rewarding, but sparked a passion in me that I want to share with everyone else. We have the ability to make such a difference in each patient’s life. A very moving moment I had was walking through the hallway of seasons.  A mother was pushing her daughter around in a red wagon. The daughter stopped, looked up at us and waved. She was connected to her IVs and had a mask over her face, and was wearing a construction vest and hat. On the day of our visit, the hospital was construction themed, and many patients had hats and vests on. I love that St. Jude will do anything to brighten the patients’ days and give them something fun to do. It is an amazing organization that touches and saves so many lives, and I could not be more proud to be a part of raising money for the children.” – Serena Cersosimo, Omicron

Serena (center), with her Big (Stephanie, left) and her G-Big (Sallie, right) at St. Jude

The sisters had an amazing and inspiring visit to St. Jude, and are excited for all our events this upcoming year that will support the children. We hope that we can continue to visit the hospital each year, and continue to instill the same St. Jude spirit in others that lives in each of us!

Delta love,

the sisters of Gamma Tau


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