Our “Rae” of Sunshine, Jenna Stone

The beautiful, Jenna Rayann "Rae" Stone.
The beautiful, Jenna Rayann “Rae” Stone.

It’s with a heavy heart that we write this blog post, for announcing the passing of a sister is not easy. On Saturday, Febuary 16th, our newly alumni Jenna Stone’s time with us was cut short with an unexpected death.  

Jenna graduated in the spring of 2012, and was attending graduate school at Notre Dame University of Maryland University. Throughout her time here at JMU, she most definitely made her mark. Everyone knew her sparkling personality and recognized her contagious smile. She was a beloved sister, a daughter, and a member of our Gamma Tau chapter.

This is undoubtedly a hard time for her family, friends and sisters. The encouragement we have all been receiving is overwhelming and appreciated to say the least. Not only has our entire chapter and school come together to celebrate her life, but other Tri Delta chapters have reached out to us as well. Jenna would be so grateful to know about this support, and she is also smiling down when she sees how we are all coming together despite this tragedy.

Anyone who knew Jenna knows that she wouldn’t wish this sad time on us, she’d want us to live on and appreciate the great things in life—something she did well. Her little, Kelsey Jensen spoke to our JMU newspaper The Breeze and said “For those of you that knew her, remember her with a smile, remember that big mass of red hair whipping all over, remember her laugh, remember how she touched all of our lives”.

If you’d like to send anything to the Tri Delta house in honor of Jenna, please address it to 2441 Silverbell Drive Harrisonburg, VA 22801.

Delta Love,

Gamma Tau 

Some of the sisters at her vigil that was held Wednesday, February 20th.
Jenna (front, middle) with some of her fellow 2012 seniors as well as Kelsey Jensen (top, right).


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