FSL Excellence Awards

The JMU Fraternity and Sorority Life community comes together each year to acknowledge the achievements of certain chapters, individuals and alumni members. On Sunday, January, 27th 2013, Gamma Tau attended this event in hopes that all of our hard work and accomplishments would be noticed. It’s safe to say that they indeed were because we ended up receiving in total 6 awards that we are extremely appreciative of and excited about!!

One of our first awards, “Excellence in Research” was given to our sister Caitlyn Klotz who has been a part of a research in a developmental neuroscience lab since her sophomore year while working under her mentor, Dr. Mark Gabriele. Caitlyn’s research has been devoted to cochlear implants and how they don’t always work for those whose hearing has decreased. She’s presented her findings at the Central Virginia Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience and this year her lab was even invited back by the director to attend the conference again. After attending this conference along with many others, Caitlyn will be publishing her first manuscript.

Caitlyn Klotz

“My research lab, is a large component of my daily life, so I was thrilled that FSL took the time to recognize something that is so close to me. I highly recommend that underclassmen get involved in undergraduate research. It is a great way to get to know the staff in your department, prepare yourself for graduate school, and to learn outside of the classroom while giving back to the community!” Caitlyn Klotz 

Next, our Chapter Advisor, Sandy Minscoff received “Outstanding Chapter Advisor”! We have never had an advisor in the local area until her, and she has been a huge help and support network for the chapter. She’s an amazing mother to her children as well an amazing motherly figure for our sisters. She grew extremely close with our Exec and often gave them great advice. Thanks for all of your help Sandy; you definitely deserved this award!!

Every chapter picks a member to be recognized as “The Chapter Best of the Best”, which acknowledges that specific member as someone who has gone above and beyond their role as a sister or brother. Gamma Tau nominated Marina Mezzetti to represent our chapter! Marina has devoted her time and passion in everything she does with this sorority. She even volunteered to sell some of her jewelry from her store in Brazil as a fundraiser that undeniably was a huge success! Whether it’s philanthropy efforts, or just being a caring friend, Marina is a role model that we are lucky to call our sister.

Marina Mezzetti

“I was surprised but I felt really honored and happy to be recognized as someone who made an outstanding impression. I don’t know if you know but my store’s name back in Brazil is “Mimo,”  which translating into English means “spoil”. However, it means something quite different in Brazil. “Mimo” specifically means spoiling someone with a gift from the heart. I have given Tri Delta my whole heart and I am really thankful that Tri Delta gave me this award from their heart.” Marina Mezzetti

One of the biggest honors of the night was when Katie Grube was awarded with “Sorority Woman of the Year”! James Madison is already lucky to have such divine sorority women, but to know that Tri Delta in fact has one of the greatest is a remarkable feeling! Katie got nominations from our chapter as well as Delta Sigma Phi. When Stacey Diapoulis spoke on her nomination for Katie, she mentioned that Katie is such a well-known student and sister of Tri Delta, and that couldn’t be more true! As she graduates this spring, it will be extremely hard for Gamma Tau to say goodbye to Katie. JMU as a whole will hate to see her go, but she is bound to do many great things far after graduating!

“I have had the privilege these past four years of being surrounded by the most inspiring and influential sisters a girl could ask for and never been alone in my time at JMU because of these women.  While it may seem overwhelming to be a leader or attend every event in our community, I know I will never look back on my time at JMU and wish I had done less.” 

Katie Grube (middle) with her award, accompanied by Stacey Diapoulis (left) and Ben Jerauld who nominated her!

The Fraternity and Sorority Life office has also started a new award, Social Responsibility Award which was given to us and other chapters as well which was another great feeling! But by far the most rewarding moment of the night was the last award was given to us; CHAPTER OF THE YEAR AWARD! Our chapter stood up and cheered with excitement and their truly aren’t better feelings.We were and still are very humbled to have received Chapter of the Year, and that only makes us want to continue to grow and reach other goals! To know that our hard work was noticed by our JMU community means so much to us, and it’s something that we continue to thrive on!

Delta Love,

Gamma Tau

The sisters who attended the FSL Awards, holding our CHAPTER OF THE YEAR award!!

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