St. Jude Trip!

Just recently, two sisters had the amazing opportunity to tour the St. Jude hospital! Our president, Lauren Joseph, and our philanthropy chair, Liz Verrecchia went to Memphis on January 25th and had tons to share about their trip! 

After their long journey to Memphis, they had an opening conference on Friday night where they learned even more about St. Jude with a patient panel (including our famous friends we met last Fall, the Dismuke family!!). They were very touched by these families stories’ and they loved hearing the impact Tri Delta was making on the St. Jude community.

Saturday morning, they got to meet Miles, the head chef at St. Jude! They were amazed to hear about the time and effort the chefs but into the food to make sure it’s helping the patients heal properly. They also went to many workshops that taught them better philanthropy practices, and they also spent loads of money at the gift shop! Saturday night, the girls ate some famous Memphis BBQ and toured Graceland! 

Lauren (left) and Liz with the St. Jude Thaddeus statue!

When Liz was asked what was the most interesting thing she learned about the other sisters/chapters she met, she answered with this:

“It was really interesting that of the people that I talked to, our chapter had the most members! Other philanthropy chairs’ eyes popped when I said we had close to 200 sisters! We learned that most chapters host an event called Delta Desserts- an all you can eat dessert buffet to raise money for St. Jude. So as no surprise, I’m excited for us to host Delta Desserts on JMU’s campus this spring!”

When Lauren was asked what was running through her head when she got to St. Jude, she responded:

“I was very anxious and scared that I was going to be really sad and hopeless. Surprisingly, when I walked into St. Jude for the first time, I felt like I was in Disney World and no on in the world could take me away from my happiness! The way I felt walking through the colorful hallways, seeing how much of an impact Tri Delta has had on St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, was an indescribable feeling that no one will ever experience unless they have been there before.” 

A great view of the hospital!
A great view of part the hospital!
Liz (left) and Lauren in front of a Tri Delta sign at the hospital!
Liz (left) and Lauren in front of a Tri Delta sign at the hospital!

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