A Letter From Stacey

To wrap up the series of our 2012 officers, we would like to take the time to acknowledge another influential member of this chapter: our president, Stacey Diapoulis. The qualities we look for in our president are being a spokesperson, leader and true visionary for the Gamma Tau chapter. Although this position often has a long list of responsibilities, Stacey made it all look effortless. Here is a brief letter Stacey wrote looking back on the year to her sisters and the community.stacey

Over the past year, I had the privilege of serving as the Chapter President for the Gamma Tau Chapter of Delta Delta Delta. It has been an honor to watch our chapter grow and strengthen this year. We kicked off the year setting goals that I can wholeheartedly say we accomplished—reverting back to our sorority’s foundation and values in each of our undertakings. This new focus and energy in the chapter influenced all 200 of our sisters and I have a wonderful group of officers to thank for that. This year, I witnessed our officer’s flourish in their roles and spread their passion and dedication to our sisters. I have also seen each of our sisters live out our ritual and step up as leaders in their everyday lives.

While this chapter has greatly changed in the past year, I can definitely say the same for myself. This position, chapter, and my sisters, have given so much more to me than they can ever imagine. I never anticipated the ways I would personally grow through my time as President. I have strengthened my relationship with sisters, formed amazing connections, learned a great deal about myself, improved my leadership skills, taken advantage of unique opportunities, (the list goes on…) While the nostalgia I seem to acquire as the days go by and graduation creeps upon me, I look back at this year as one for the books. It’s been a fabulous ride and I wouldn’t change anything for the world!

I will end with the wise words of our Founder, Sarah Ida Shaw…

“As to those of you who are now carrying on the magnificent world of Delta Delta Delta, it is my precious privilege to give you the charge that you are to pass on the torch undimmed. For me, it is hail and farewell!”

Thanks for a truly memorable year!

Delta Love and all of mine,



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