Public Relations Team

Our last team is the Public Relations team. This team’s overall goal is to collectively promote a positive image of Tri Delta in every undertaking by educating the chapter and working together to implement the public relations plan. Meet the twelve sisters who made up this large team.

stephStephanie was our Vice President of Public Relations and head of the PR Team. She collaborated with the team to plan and implement a public relations program and educated the chapter on appropriate attire throughout the week. Stephanie is the writer and creator of this lovely blog, which has been a huge success among the JMU community as well as other Tri Delta chapters and nationals. She regularly updated the chapter Facebook and Twitter accounts and also worked with our Technology Chair and created our Pinterest. Another one of her main responsibilities was working closely with our Philanthropy Chair to plan and promote philanthropic events such as Triple Play and our first annual DHOP.

spieglerJessica served as our Philanthropy Chair and worked hard towards raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In May 2012, Jess organized a trip to St. Jude in Memphis, Tennessee for sisters to go to. It was such a positive experience not only because they were seeing where all our hard work was going, but they got to bond even closer with one another. Jess constantly found creative ways for sisters to get involved with St. Jude. She held events such as Reese’s Run, Sincerely Yours Letter Writing, Triple Play, blue hair extensions, a visit from the Dismuke family and DHOP. “The best part of this past year was watching everyone become so passionate about St. Jude alongside me!”

amyAmy is our outgoing Risk Management Chair. Two of her accomplishments in her position were establishing a BYOB waiver and an emergency phone tree plan, which both will improve our overall social responsibility. While Amy’s position required a lot of responsibility, she also made sure to recognize and reward the chapter for following the risk reduction plan and our policies. A message Amy wants the chapter to know is, “fun and responsibility can co-exist and several of our events proved that.”

megMeghan was our Social Chair and her job was to reach out to the JMU community and plan third party vendor events at new and different places. It was also important to hold sober mixers with different chapters to enhance our relationships with the greek community. Something Meghan enjoyed most about her position was, “seeing people have fun at our planned events was the most rewarding part about being our Social.”

kelKelly was the Assistant Social Chair and worked very closely with Meghan. Both planned our Semi-Formal, Re-live New Years Eve Formal, Crush Party and Formal. While this position involved a lot of the social aspect of our chapter, it was also a responsibility to follow all Tri Delta and FSL policies.

Picture 11Kara was our Senior Panhellenic Delegate. She was one of the chapter’s official delegates to Panhellenic where she reported all messages between Panhellenic and the chapter. Kara was always very passionate about her position and it got our sisters more involved with the Panhellenic community. “This year has been an explosion of improvement both as a chapter and in the JMU greek community. I feel blessed to represent the Gamma Tau chapter for Panhellenic.”

allieAllie served as our Junior Panhellenic Delegate and held the same responsibilities as Kara. This year, Allie did a lot of the major planning for Fat Talk Free Week, which partnered with Panhellenic. It was a huge success and we are so proud of all the work Allie put into the week. Members from all over the community attended and praised this event. “Fat Talk Free Week was bigger than ever. We made such a positive impact on the JMU community.”

courtney guyCourtney served as the Activities Chair and organized all intramurals along with social events such as movie nights, river tubing, snow tubing and visits to Sweet Bee. Not only did we enhance our overall visibility by getting involved with various activities, we also planned more sisterhood activities. Courtney definitely did a great job of getting more overall involvement on campus.

chelsChelsea is our outgoing Chapter Correspondent. She was responsible for writing chapter thank you cards, congratulations and birthday recognition. A huge part of her position was to submit semester updates to The Trident, our national Tri Delta magazine. We are so proud to say that Chelsea’s article was featured in the magazine, which gave us great publicity. “Thank you Gamma Tau for giving me this opportunity, I look forward to next year as the VP of Public Relations.”

alexaAlexa was our Alumnae Relations Chair and maintained regular contact with alumnae chapters. She planned and held special events during Homecoming weekend for our alumnae, which was a lot of fun. Alexa also prepared alumnae newsletters each semester, along with a parent’s letter. This year, we are thrilled to celebrate Gamma Tau’s 15th anniversary and Alexa set the stage for our incoming Alumnae Relations Chair to plan a fabulous event for alumnae in the spring of 2013.

BlumerAllison served as the Technology Chair. She was responsible for updating the Tri Delta Facebook page, Twitter account and JMU Tri Delta website. A lot of her work on our social media was partnered with our PR Chair. Allison created the Pansy Brunch slideshow in the spring, which recognized our graduating seniors. “My favorite memory was getting closer with the Officer Council and being recognized by nationals for all our accomplishments throughout the year.”

shaunaShauna was our Community Service Chair. This position is relatively new, and Shauna definitely rose to the occasion. She constantly kept sisters involved by providing weekly community service opportunities. Simple tasks such as can and toy drives or visiting Cats Cradle in Harrisonburg were fun ways sisters got to give back to the community. Shauna also led Trick-or-Treat and Egg Hunt on the Row for Tri Delta, which are both planned by Panhellenic and IFC.

This team has drastically transformed over the past year and made tremendous improvements. These positive strides would not have been possible without all these officers’ dedication, thanks ladies!

Delta Love,

-Gamma Tau


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