Administration Team

Meet our Administration team. The goal of this team is to handle the administrative workings of the chapter and collaborate to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. This team is another small one, but they made several contributions to the officer council. Here are the ladies that made up this team and their specific roles.


Cynthia served as our Vice President of Administration, which made her head of the Administration Team. Not only did she serve on the Officer Training Committee and Bylaws Committee, but she also presided at all officer council meetings. She was responsible for monitoring and informing the chapter on our accreditation status. One of the main duties of this position was to plan, welcome and coordinate various activities and meetings between the officers and visiting field consultants from our headquarters. This past semester, we had an amazing visit from Margo Jasukaitis. It was such a fun-filled week, where we all got to connect with another Delta sister!


Our outgoing Secretary, Sallie kept the chapter organized and up-to-date throughout the year by recording all minutes from each chapter meeting. She was head of the Bylaws Committee and worked closely with the Standards Committee on where members stood regarding attendance. At the end of every chapter meeting, sisters give “kisses,” which are random notes spreading Delta love to one another. Sallie had the lovely job of handing out individual Hershey kisses to sisters receiving a heartwarming note. Not only was it special to be recognized, but it always brightened everyone’s day since Sallie passed them out with her big smile on her face at all times. 


Jennifer is our House Manager and will remain in this position until the end of the school year. She currently lives on the Tri Delta house on campus with several of our sisters and is responsible for opening, maintaining and closing the house. She works very closely with the Assistant Greek Coordinator in charge of housing along with fellow House Managers in other chapters on campus. Jennifer completely transformed our house this summer with this year’s house girls and it looks impeccable! We are so impressed by her attention to detail and love showing off our gorgeous house.

It’s definitely been a wonderful year for the Administration Team. We are so thankful for their organization and commitment to the executive board. Thanks for everything ladies!


Delta Love,

-Gamma Tau


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