Membership Team

This is our outgoing Membership Team. The goal of this group is to ensure a successful membership experience by preparing the chapter for recruitment, maintaining morale and excitement during recruitment and promoting sisterhood throughout the new member retreat and education experience. Meet the six women who served on this team.

Vice President of Membershipjulia

Julia was the chairman of the Membership team and ran Recruitment for our chapter. She also headed the Membership Selection Committee. Although Recruitment is a stressful process, Julia stayed on top of everything and always kept the chapter morale up, which made this year’s Recruitment an amazing experience for everybody. “I am so proud of our chapter for getting the best Omicron pledge class we could have ever hoped for and imagined!”

Assistant Membershippatience

Patience was there to assist Julia in any way possible leading up to and during Recruitment. She also served on the Membership Selection Committee and made the week of Recruitment a a special one for our sisters. There were many memories from Recruitment, but Patience’s was definitely during the last round. “The most special part about my position was seeing all of the seniors pack in the foyer and cheer their hearts out on the last day of recruitment. Everyone’s tears and laughter truly showed how strong our sisterhood is.”

New Member Educatorkoera

Michelle was responsible for preparing new members for initiation into Tri Delta, while serving on the Standards Committee. She worked very closely with her assistant, Carlisle and both presided at all new member meetings and retreats. This position was very rewarding for Michelle, and she was also there for the Omicrons to make them feel excited and welcome to the chapter.

Assistant New Member Educatorcarlisle

Carlisle had similar duties to Michelle and was there to support the pledge mom and new pledge class at all times. The transition period for new members is crucial, and Carlisle made that experience a positive one for them. “I see so much potential in these new members, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them.”

Reference Chairmanmonger

Ashley worked behind the scenes during Recruitment, and we definitely would not have been as successful as we were without her! Throughout the year leading up to formal recruitment, Ashley dealt with requesting, receiving and processing all references for the chapter. She showed us how to be extremely organized, authoritative and energetic with her position– it truly paid off. “I loved getting to see all the amazing new girls during Recruitment and how much the sisters loved them.”

Sponsor Chairlauren

Lauren led the Sponsor Committee, which pairs up big and little sisters. She also planned and implemented a sponsor program, while providing special activities during Alpha Week, Bid Day and Delta Week. “I had a wonderful time planning and hosting big and little week. It was amazing working with the new members. I truly appreciated this opportunity and I hope all the new members enjoyed the events I planned for them.”

This team definitely had a lot of fun with their positions. We are so grateful for all their hard work and loved seeing them accomplish so much in the past year!


Delta Love,

-Gamma Tau


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