Finance Team

Meet last year’s Finance Team. This team fulfilled the role to provide our chapter with a stable, financial program and work to educate the chapter on financial issues. Here are the women who served on this team of three:

Vice President of FinanceImage

Meredith is the chairman of the team and made sure her group stayed on top of all their work. She dealt with collecting and submitting checks and national dues to our Executive Office. She created, implemented and managed the chapter budget while also informing officers of their budgets. Meredith also served on the Standards Committee to enforce the chapter responsibility of paying dues. While Meredith had a lot on her plate with this position, she always made sure to bring humor to our officer council. She was a great asset to the team and always lifted chapter member’s spirits.

Licensing ChairmanImage

Katie is our creative designer for all the Tri Delta apparel you see us wearing on campus. She worked very close with Moxie in Harrisonburg to design and distribute attire. We were very fortunate for Katie’s artistic ability, which allowed our sisters to represent Tri Delta in a positive, yet unique way.


Caitlyn’s position involved dealing with chapter finances similar to our VP of Finance, Meredith. It was her job to invoice members through Bill Highway, which is the online website sisters use to pay dues, fines and apparel. It was also Caitlyn’s role to assist Meredith in any way possible.

Although the Finance Team is one of our smaller teams, they sure put in a lot of hard work this year. We couldn’t have done it without their organization skills and creativity. Thanks for your help ladies!

Delta Love, 

-Gamma Tau


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