Fat Talk Free Week

Happy Fat Talk Free Week everyone!

Gamma Tau has been anxiously waiting for this week to arrive. We decided to partner with the Panhellenic Council where both our organization’s will sponsor various activities and events promoting healthy body image on campus for men and women. In case you aren’t sure what exactly Fat Talk Free Week is, it is a national campaign that strives to eliminate language that is damaging to students’ body image. Tri Delta chapters from all over the world are promoting this message throughout this week and JMU Tri Delta is happy to have this on our campus.

We have a lot of fun and creative blog posts coming your way to raise awareness about Fat Talk and how we can prevent this. Stay tuned for these future posts. Until then, check out a list of events we have planned for the week:

Monday 10/22
Circuit Training with sister Meghan Melina at the Urec Racquetball Court

Tuesday 10/23
2-4pm: Common’s Day – “The Ties that Bind” & pledge signing

Wednesday 10/24
2-4pm: Common’s Day – Mirror activity & pledge signing
7pm: Body Image group facilitation- Veronica Jones in Tri Delta basement

Thursday 10/25
Evening (7:30-8): Body Image 3D night with Operation Beautiful in Tri Delta basement
We can’t wait to see you there! Remember… “Friends don’t let friends fat talk.”

Delta Love,

-Gamma Tau



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