Allie Waller, Body Image 3D Ambassador

It’s day two of Fat Talk Free Week and we would like to share with you how one of our own sisters, Allie Waller is one out of five women who was selected as a national Tri Delta Reflections Ambassador. Read all about her role and experience from Allie herself!

Body Image 3D

This past May, I was flown out to Tri Delta headquarters in Arlington, Texas! It was awesome meeting the other four ambassadors; we all had an instant connection and got along so well.  Just goes to show that Delta love is everywhere 🙂 Sarah Williamson, the Director of Tri-Delta Educational Initiatives called us and told us to start getting ready for dinner.  She picked us up in her mini-van, and to my surprise, Stacy Nadeau was sitting in the front seat! I had no idea she’d be there, and I soon found out that she was going to be serving as a mentor for us Ambassadors. We all had an awesome dinner, and I got to meet Cari Cook, the Executive Director of Tri-Delta! I’ve seen her in the Trident before so I knew she was a big deal!  After dinner, we all got a tour of the Tri-Delta executive office! It was AMAZING! It was literally a museum of Sarah Ida Shaw, pearls, pines, pansies & dolphins… all my favorite things.  At the end of the night, Sarah gave us a sheet of paper that had a series of questions about our personal body image, such as “What makes you feel beautiful?”, “When is a time that you struggled with body image, and how did you overcome it?” She told us to think hard about these questions, because we’d be answering them on camera the next day! For the rest of the night, Anna, Leah, Emily, Lauren and I got some time to relax and really get to know each other.  The five of us were so different, but had so much in common. I loved that we could all come together knowing that we were all passionate about healthy body image. They were some of the most amazing girls!

The next day, we woke up bright and early at 6am to get ready for our full day of Reflections! Stacy Nadeau picked us up and took us back to the executive office where we had a meeting with Sarah Williamson and Holly Thompson, the Director of Marketing and Project Management.  This is when they introduced “Body Image 3D” to us. They explained it as a multi-dimensional approach to body image awareness and education.  It promotes a better-rounded, year round effort of promoting healthy body image and its three key components: healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit. There will be a new theme each month. And with each month, there will be new articles, newsletters, events, initiatives, challenges and online incentives.

Allie and Stacy Nadeau!

I’m so proud to be an Ambassador for such a powerful and influential campaign.  Throughout the rest of the day, we took pictures together and shot videos of us explaining what body image meant to us, and reciting the Body Image 3D manifesto. These pictures and videos are going to be put on the website and BI3D website throughout the year as each month introduces a new theme. My trip to Texas was short, but I learned so much about body image and myself. I’m so excited to share all of this with my sisters!

Right now I’m currently staying in contact with the Tri-Delta executive office, Stacy Nadeau, and the rest of the BI3D Ambassadors.  As BI3D continues, we will be doing webcasts, blogs and interviews to continue this campaign! BI3D officially starts with Fat Talk Free Week (October 22nd-26th). I really want to make BI3D a big part of Fat Talk Free Week this year and really get sisters informed and wanting to participate in this year round effort!

The Ambassadors at our headquarters in Arlington, Texas

WOW! How amazing does all this sound? Allie has been a great representation of JMU Tri Delta with our headquarters and as a BI3D Ambassador. Words cannot describe how incredibly proud we are of Allie and what an amazing opportunity this is for her. We are so excited to see what else Allie and the other Ambassadors have planned for Tri Delta and spreading the powerful and positive message to eliminate negative body image.

For more information on Body Image 3D, check out the various social media outlets available below:


Twitter: @BodyImage3D

Website: www.

Delta Love,

-Gamma Tau


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