Meet Our Pledge Moms: Michelle Kopera and Carlisle Nottingham

Meet our pledge moms Michelle and Carlisle! They have been working very closely with the Omicron pledge class and are having a blast. Next week is the New Member Retreat, which they have planned so hard for. We can’t wait to hear all about it, but until then, learn more about these wonderful ladies and their position.

Michelle Kopera

Senior, Mu

Hometown: Langhorne, PA

Major: Psychology

Favorite Tri Delta moment: During the last round of Recruitment, all the seniors gathered in the front of the Tri Delta house to give one last “Hoorah for Delta!” It got very emotional as we all screamed our hearts out, crying at the same time. They were mostly tears of joy, but definitely somewhat sad since it was our last time chanting in Recruitment ever. Even I cried, which is very rare.

As pledge mom, I am in charge of planning bid celebration, serving on standards, teaching the new members the in’s and out’s of Tri Delta through the Power of the Purpose program, and preparing the new members to be active sisters in our chapter. So far it has been amazing getting to know the Omicrons, they are amazing girls! They are so excited and eager to meet all of the sisters, participate in chapter activities, and learn the history of Tri Delta. That has been the best part of being New Member Educator, working with such a positive, enthusiastic, and fun group of girls.  

Something I am hoping the new members will get out of this experience is to fully understand the real meaning of being a Tri Delta through the rituals, meeting all the sisters, and learning about the history of our sorority.  I would also hope that by the end of their new member period the Omicrons have the same love and appreciation for this sorority that all of our sisters do.

Carlisle Nottingham

Junior, Nu

Hometown: Norfolk, VA

Major: Nursing

Favorite Tri Delta Moment: This past Bid Celebration

As Assistant New member Educator, I meet all the new members and answer any questions they may have. It can be incredibly overwhelming when first joining a sorority, so my job is to make them feel as comfortable as possible and help them with anything pertaining to Tri Delta.  I have so many hopes for the Omicrons by the end of the new member period: I hope they learn that Tri Delta is more than just a social sorority; I hope they learn about the meaning behind the purpose and rituals and that they continue to learn and strive throughout their sorority experience; I hope they gain relationships that will continue after college! 

I absolutely love being Assistant New Member Educator. Not only do I get to know these girls, but they get to know me on a deeper level as well. I love helping with any questions that they have not only with Tri Delta, but with any other questions in general. Helping these women develop into strong leaders of the Gamma Tau chapter is incredibly rewarding.  These women are amazing, and I see a lot of potential in them. I cannot wait to continue watching them strive and become active leaders of the Gamma Tau chapter.

These ladies are doing a fantastic job motivating our new members and showing them what Tri Delta is all about. Great job girls, we are so proud of both of you!


Delta Love,

-Gamma Tau


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