Tips For Nailing The Perfect Job From A Delta

Did you miss the career fair on Monday? Not to worry, one of our sisters has excellent advice for you to get ready for the job hunt. Lindsay Jondahl interned at General Dynamics in the Recruiting department this past summer. This “Fortune 500” company has left her with an incredible experience in a successful corporation in the federal government defense contracting industry. After extensive training, Lindsay began recruiting right away where over fifty applicants apply a day. She would administer the first round of interviews via email and then follow up with senior recruiters. She even reviewed resumes and attended job fairs to recruit individuals with top-secret security clearances. Well it looks like Lindsay knows what it takes to stand out in the career world because the company asked her to continue recruiting potential employees throughout the year, where she represented the company at the recent career fair. 

After reviewing hundreds of resumes over the past several months, here are some of Lindsay’s tips for a top-notch resume:

  • PROOFREAD your resume. If there are errors on your resume, recruiters will assume that you are lazy and don’t care. 
  • Be to the point. State exactly what you’re trying to say in a concise way. 
  • Don’t exaggerate your experiences. 
  • Have as many people as possible review your resume before you start using it—parents, professors, even go to Career and Academic Planning’s resume writing workshops. 
  • Don’t let the format distract from the content. 
  • Sign up for Recruit-A-Duke and post your resume to your profile. 

Advice for job or internship searches: 

  • Set your Facebook to private. Even better, don’t have anything on there that you wouldn’t be comfortable with your employer seeing. They will check and some even have software that can see what you set to private. 
  • Get a LinkedIn. The connections help so much and the job search function is amazing. 
  • Prepare for the questions they are going to ask in interviews. Most recruiters focus on behavioral or situational questions, like “I see you were an intern last summer, tell me about what you did there” and “Tell me one challenge that you have had to overcome” or “What is your biggest weakness”
  • Answer these questions positively, but honestly. If you don’t have any experience, tell them how valuable their internship/job would be for you to gain experience while contributing your strengths. 
  • APPLY AWAY! The more you put yourself out there, the better chance you will have at hearing back. 
  • Don’t stress. Even if you interview with a company and then never hear from them again, at least you gained experience with interviewing! 

We hope Lindsay’s advice is helpful and leaves you more confident as you prepare to enter the work force. If you have any more questions about resume writing, interviewing and job searching, contact Lindsay at Good luck!

Delta Love,

-Gamma Tau


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