Big & Little Reveal!

Last week, the Omicron pledge class experienced the anticipated Alpha week. As these new delta sisters anxiously waited to find out who their big sister was, they were given lots of fun surprises, clues and baskets of their favorite things! Tri Delta immediately jumps into Big/Little week as a way to have our newest pledge class connect with specific sisters even more on a deeper level. Having a big so early on in the new member process gives them someone to look up to and go to for guidance whenever they in need. Not only do they get a big sister, but they are welcomed to an entire family. Some big and some small, but all providing each of them the same thing– Delta Love. Whether you are a new member of the “Big Fat Greek Family”, “Disney Princess Family” or “Banana Family”, one thing is certain… each of these ladies were the missing piece to an even more perfect family.

“I cannot even begin to explain how much I already love being a big. I met my little, Jenny, a couple days after Bidcel by chance. The sponsors and new members participated in a game to get our pines by wearing socks and placing matching socks in another part of the room. The new members then ran into the room, picked a pair of socks, and found the sponsor who had the matching pair. Jenny ran up to me and immediately began talking to me. I spent time with her the rest of the night, going to to Sweet Bee and getting to know her. I realized that Jenny and I had a lot in common, and we clicked instantly. For example, she was a FROG, and so was I! I loved that she had a passion for service and especially St. Jude.I noticed she was a very well-rounded girl, and I knew I could see her as my little.

 The following Monday, I was in Walmart when I got the big/little list, and I was so ecstatic to see her name next to mine. The best part of it all was the fact that I had dinner plans with her in half an hour. So I show up to Dukes, not mentioning big/little week. I previously worked out a little sneaky plan with my roommate. I was to text her when we sat down,and she would text  Jenny saying she was my big and that she was so excited to have her as her little. This threw her off completely. She did not think it was me at all because how could I text her while I was at dinner with her?! Jenny even squealed “Oh my God! My big texted me!” I played dumb and asked her what she was saying. I hungout with Jenny another night that week, and I admired how awesome all her baskets were from her big. I would say things like, “Ohhhh! She’s so crafty. I wish I could be that creative” or “A FISH?! What a great idea! I should’ve gotten my little a fish.” Because of my good acting skills and stealth-like abilities, she did not think i was her big at all.
Big/little Reveal was on Friday, and I was super excited all day. I could not wait to reveal myself to Jenny, and I wanted to make it as special as possible. In Tri Delta, we do a ritual where the new members walk around the basement one at a time holding a lit candle. When the girl gets to her big, the sponsor will blow her candle out, and there is usually screaming and attacking of some sort involved. Jenny was one of the last girls to come down to the basement, and I was so anxious. The plan was that I was going to let her pass me, do a sneak attack, and blow our her candle; however, this obviously did not work out because I was so excited. I let her pass me a little, and then I blew out her candle. We screamed and hugged each other for forever; we were both so excited.
Bidcel and Alpha week were such a blast. I am so happy that Jenny Fuller is my little. She is such an amazing girl that is so caring, fun, and interesting. She is involved in so many activities, and I know she will make a great impact on Tri Delta. I plan on spending as much time as possible with her the next two years, and I know we will have many great lasting memories together. Love you, Jenny!” -Taylor Wertheimer (Junior, Xi)

Taylor and her little Jenny Fuller (Sophomore, Omicron)
“I am obsessed with my little! Erica Silva is so much like me and we have a lot in common! She is also a sophomore which is great because we can both look up to each other and hang out as best friends. Big/Little Reveal was such a blast because I was on the other side of things and I was the one who knew who she was, while she had no idea who I was. It was fun giving her clues and being sneaky! She is now part of the banana fam and I am so excited and happy about that! She is a perfect fit and could not see her anywhere else. The whole fam loves her and couldnt be more excited.” -Amalia Reiss (Sophomore, Xi)
Amalia and her little Erica Silva (Sophomore, Omicron)

Can’t get enough of all this big and little lovin’? Here are some more pictures of families welcoming their newest member!

Welcome to the family Omicrons! We hope you all enjoyed Alpha Week as much as we did 🙂

Delta Love,

-Gamma Tau


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