Hey St. Jude

Today, St. Jude premiered a promotional video about the Children’s Research Hospital that left us all inspired. Channeling their inner-John Legend, patients, staff members, celebrity endorsers and even deltas sang the popular Beatles song, “Hey Jude.” This lighthearted video left goose bumps, tears and more importantly, the drive to continue raising money for this incredible organization. After a successful fundraising day at Chili’s Spirit Night, we are feeling more ready than ever to help Tri Delta reach the national goal of $15 million in 5 years benefiting the hospital. Our philanthropy chair, Jessica Spiegler (who was also in the video throwing up deltas) has lots of exciting events planned for St. Jude. We cannot wait to get started and hope this video leaves you feeling empowered and willing to work towards this amazing cause. Now I hope all this St. Jude lovin’ is enough to make you watch the video and help these children “Make it better.” So go out and fight for St. Jude!

Delta Love,

-Gamma Tau


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