Good Luck From Your Recruitment Chairs

I can’t believe Recruitment starts tomorrow! It seems like just yesterday we were all entering the Tri Delta house for the first time, as our future sisters chanted, “I’m just a lucky Delta Tri!”. We cannot WAIT to do the same for our future sisters and are incredibly pleased to say that over 900 women are registered for Panhellenic Recruitment. No matter which house on the row you chose, you won’t be disappointed being greek and we are happy JMU women are about to find the perfect home for them!

Before all the wild chants, sleepless nights, amazing conversations, tons of sister bonding and never too much delta spirit begins, we would like to share a short letter from our Recruitment Chairs, Julia Ledwith and Patience Cantrell.

Dear Ladies of Gamma Tau,

Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday we sat outside the house, totally blown away by the bizarre chanting and banging on windows during the most chaotic week of our lives—yet the week of Sorority Recruitment? Well, this is that week. And we are those people banging on windows and dancing around to the sound of our booming voices. For some of us, this will be out last “Hoorah for Delta,” and for some of us, it will be our first time on this side of things. Recruitment is a time when the generations come together to celebrate who we are, where we have been, and where we are going. We are seeking out the new sisters of this thing we have become a part of, and has become a part of us. My individual identity is made up of many things, a major one being that I am a sister to all of you, and to al the Tri Delta’s in the nation. The coolest thing about that is I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of something much bigger and greater than myself—something that has existed much longer than I have, and will continue to exist long after I graduate because we recruit. We recruit every day on campus by showing our classmates that we are exemplary women with extraordinary talents and character. This week we are doing the same thing, just chanting and banging on windows too. Be yourselves because you are who we are!


Delta Love like you don’t even know,


To my lovely sisters of Delta Delta Delta,

            I can still remember the excitement I felt when all of the sorority women pushed open their doors and filled Greek row with chants and laughter during the first day of recruitment. From that moment recruitment became very special to me and has always been something that I wanted to be apart of. I hope that this year’s recruitment process gives the same feeling to you, but most importantly I hope that you enjoy every moment of it. Enjoy the conversations you have with PNM’s and your fellow sisters. Enjoy the unspoken bond that we all feel when pictures from our slideshow fill the screen. Enjoy the love and passion that we all have for St. Jude, and enjoy every emotion that comes over you at pref night. We all joined Tri Delta for a reason. We found something in the sisters of Delta Delta Delta that made us laugh, enjoy life, and that made us want to be a better person. Thank you all so much for this opportunity. This year I hope that it is our chants and laughter that inspire other sorority women to feel the excitement that sisterhood brings just like it inspired me several years ago.

Delta Love,


If that doesn’t get you ladies pumped about the next couple days, then I don’t know will. Actually, non-stop chanting and delta lovin’– “Go D-E-L-T-A, Go Tri Delta what do ya say?!”

Let’s do this sisters, can’t wait for all the fun to begin!

Delta Love to the MAX,

-Gamma Tau


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