My Summer as a Delta Abroad

This wraps up our last portion of the “My Summer as a…” series, and what better way to end it than seeing some delta love all over the world? Check out the AMAZING places our sisters got to go to this summer for study and travel!

Urbino, Italy

Stephanie Strickland (Senior, Mu) and Kristen Hotz (Senior, Mu) studied abroad in small town Urbino, Italy for the iemedia program. During their time, Stephanie wrote for the Urbino Now magazine and Kristen was a part of the multimedia project where each were responsible for covering a story about the local people and culture (check out the website to see their work )

“My time in Urbino was indescribable. It’s not just the gorgeous city itself, but it’s the local people of the small town that have made my month in Italy so special. Everyone here is so full of life and passionate about what they do; all they want is to share what they know with us, while learning a thing or two from us Americans as well. I will never forget my trip to Urbino, the rich lessons learns and the amazing people I met along the way.” -Stephanie

Venice, Italy
Rome, Italy

“This experience has pushed me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to improve my writing skills and experience. I had so much with the various projects we complete and living in a small-town Italian culture. I will always remember the people I met and the experiences I had, which I will cherish forever.” -Kristen

Venice, Italy
Tuscany, Italy

Molly Hoffmaster (Sophomore, Xi) traveled to Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Paris, France

Meredith Wood (Senior, Nu) studied abroad in Belgium and went on to visit Greece, Turkey and Spain.

“This study abroad experience was amazing. I met a great new group of friends, who I’m inseparable with now, I traveled to places I haven’t been before, I grew as a person, and it defined my college experience. If I could get on a plane and go back tomorrow I would.” -Meredith

Meredith and her new group of friends
Showing some Panhellenic love
The Eiffel Tower

Katie McLaughlin took Communication courses in Ireland.


Meghan Smith (Senior, Nu) went on the Comparative Justice Program in Europe for Justice Studies where she traveled to Amsterdam, the Hague, Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, and Lyon. 

“I saw the UN, The Human Rights Court, International Criminal Court, European Parliament, Interpol, the Anne Frank Museum and house, the battle of the bulge, General Pattons museum and grave in the American Cemetery and Memorial in Luxembourg on Memorial day.” -Meghan

At the United Nations

Sallie Suttle (Senior, Nu) did a semester at sea and traveled to seven different countries! Her stops went to Portugal, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Turkey and Greece.

Alexa Short (Senior, Nu) went to Reggio Di Calabria for the month of June to study Italian. It is located at the tip of Italy and looks across the water to Sicily. After her trip, she met up with her family and went to nine other cities in Italy.

Reggio Di Calabria, Italy

Ashley Monger (Senior, Mu) studied Arabic in Jordan.

Femke Morelisse studied in Madrid, Spain with JMU’s Art and Culture Program for three weeks in June. While abroad, she studied Spanish and immersed herself in the culture.

“I saw an enormous amount of beautiful cathedrals along with Christopher Columbus’ tombstone, Palacio Real, world famous paintings but Goya, Velazquez, Salvador Dali, Van Gough, Picasso, and Sorolla.” -Femke

Kaitlyn Clinage (Senior, Mu) and Jo-Elle Moser (Senior, Nu) both studied education in Rome, Italy during the month of May.

First of all, we are so jealous that all of us couldn’t be with our sisters while they were traveling but how cool do these experiences sound? It sounds like these were all the trips of a lifetime and we are so happy they got to learn about a different culture and people!

Delta “International” Love,

-Gamma Tau


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