My Summer as an Attendee at Tri Delta Convention

Our lovely President, Stacey Diapoulis had an incredible time at this year’s Tri Delta Convention in Tucson, Arizona during the first week of July. Our Vice President of Chapter Development (who is currently disaffiliated for Recruitment) and Pledge Mom, Michelle Kopera also attended where each sister focused on their specific role while interacting with sisters from all over the U.S. Read all about these ladies’ time and all the amazing things they got to do in Arizona!

Convention was split up into different “tracks”–there was the ‘CCP Track’ which Stacey went to with all of the Presidents, the Chapter Development Track for our VPCD, PR Track, Academic, and Sisterhood for Michelle. Unfortunately, we did not have people attending the PR and Academic Track, but luckily Stacey still learned a lot about both in her track. Below is a little run-down of the schedule and everything they did.

Sunday (Day 1):
  • Regional Meet & Greets–we are in the Northeast region and got to meet a lot of sisters from chapters all around the northeast. 
  • Ritual/Initiation–witnessed Jackye Brown Clark lead ritual. Initiated “honor initiates” into Tri Delta (people that have given a lot of their time to Tri Delta but were never actually in it)
  • Opening Dinner
  • Executive Meet & Greet with Presidents–Stacey was the only one who got to go to this (out of the 3). All chapter presidents had a tea ad coffee meet and greet with the executive members of National Tri Delta. 
    • SO COOL! Stacey even got to talk to Jackye Brown Clark and was quite star struck! Despite a long and exhausting day of barely sleeping a full 24 hours, this was a moment that was so worth it all! It is something Stacey will never forget because she got to have one-on-one conversations with the top leaders,and the future of Tri Delta
Monday (Day 2)
  • The first General Business Session took place where all of the Presidents had their assigned seats with an adviser at the end of the row taking attendance. At this time, these women got to vote on the bylaws with all of the other delegates. “This was one of my favorite moments because I really realized that I was apart of something much more than just my chapter,” says Stacey, “sitting in a professional business session led by the Tri Delta Executive Board, with over a hundred delegates (current chapter presidents), Alumni, and advisers in the room, felt so surreal to me.”
  • There was a Women of Achievement Luncheon which was AWESOME! They honored five women of achievement and heard their inspirational stories and helpful advice for the future. 
  • Standards Committee/Member Discipline Workshop which was very interesting and informative. Here, they learned that all chapters are so different, yet similar at the same time. We all have similar issues, that we all want to try to tackle. 
  • At night there was an Awards Banquet! Gamma Tau was recognized with an Outstanding Membership Recruitment Award for the biennium (2010-2012)
Tuesday (Day 3)
  • There was crisis management session and the role of the chapter president 
  • Philanthropy Luncheon Fun Night! The hopped on buses and went to Old Tucson Studios where they filmed all of the Western films. This was SO fun! They hung out with sisters from various chapters and got to meet the newly elected Tri Delta President!
    • Awesome part! There had a “tailgate” style luncheon with burgers etc. for St. Jude Legends Bowl. There was a speaker they listened to and then donated an eight million dollar check to St. Jude!
Wednesday (Day 4)
  • Discussed new policies–> lots coming our way!
  • Introduced to Tri Delta’s Newest body image initiative “I Am 3D” and got to see our sister Allie Waller all throughout the presentation! Our JMU sisters are so proud of her!
    Our sister Allie Waller, who is now a Reflections Body Image Ambassador!

  • Sisterhood Luncheon–a Tri Delta celebration! There were many Tri Delta songs performed by the Convention Choir
  • Our last thing was the final banquet. It was extremely meaningful with certain rituals that are done every year at Convention as well as ending with Tri Delta’s favorite Ritual song.
  • An AMAZING fireworks show was put on followed by Delta Shop Midnight Madness! Rumor has it that Stacey may or may not have bought tons goodies for the chapter 😉 

Events like Tri Delta’s National Convention always leave us with huge inspiration and motivation. This year was no different and these three women who got to go are so grateful for this experience. Gamma Tau is so ready to see all the new ideas and developments from Convention come into play as we start another amazing year as Tri Delta sisters.

Delta Love,

-Gamma Tau


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