Allie Waller Becomes A Reflections Ambassador

A couple months ago, Tri Delta launched a contest open to all sisters across the country to become a Reflections Ambassador. Only five women would be selected and they picked Gamma Tau’s adorable sister, Allie Waller. This girl is a freshman and has already started to make her mark on James Madison University and Tri Delta. We couldn’t be more excited to see what the Reflections Ambassadors will do to advance Tri Delta’s role with Fat Talk Free Week and we know Allie will be the perfect addition to this group! Read more about Allie’s story and her future plans with this position.

Name: Allie Waller
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Favorite Tri Delta moment: New member retreat! 
What did you get? What is a Reflections Ambassador?
I got picked as one of the five national Tri Delta ambassadors to represent Tri Delta’s new healthy body image initiatives! 
How did you hear about it?
I actually heard about it from a sister who mentioned it on the Tri Delta sisters only facebook page! She said, “apply to be a Reflections ambassador!” and I was automatically interested. After I watched the video posted along with it, I knew I wanted to apply! I didn’t know too much about Reflections at that point, but I spent a while researching it on the Tri Delta homepage and learned that it was an amazing cause. That’s why I signed up to do the Fat Talk Free workshop here, and it taught me so much as well.
What do you do to apply?
All we had to do was make a 1-minute video explaining why I should get the position, what Reflections and healthy body image means to me, and the impact that Reflections has made on my Tri-Delta experience.  As you can see in my submitted video, I also put in pictures that I’ve taken over the past year with the sisters and talked about the impact this chapter has had on me.  So I hope everyone appreciates being in the video with me (: 
How did you react when you found out you got it?
Well, honestly, I didn’t know what to do! I had been anxiously waiting for the email for days and when I finally got it, it said “Thank you so much for your submission, it was extremely hard picking only 5 girls for the ambassador positions…” At that point, I was like “Okay well I didn’t get it” and I really just wanted to stop reading the email right then and there.  But I kept reading and the email went on to say “But your video really impressed us and we would love for you to join our team.” I just paused! I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to call everyone but the only people I had told that I had applied were my mom and the sister who told me about it, Stephanie Strickland! So I frantically called my mom and then called Steph immediately after. It was the best feeling in the world (:

What will you be doing now as a Reflections ambassador?
I just had  our first “webinar” on Monday to learn more about the role I will have. Tri Delta wants to take their Fat Talk Free and Reflections program even further, so they’re going to be implementing several new programs, and we will be leading and sharing these programs as ambassadors. We’re also going to be doing a lot of online interviews and reaching out to others for healthy body image initiatives! There’s five of us from all over the US. We’re going to be the faces of Tri Delta’s new Reflections initiatives that they’ll be releasing soon. Here’s the exciting part… I’m going to be flown into Dallas, Texas in late May to do a day full of photo shoots and video shoots with the four other girls!!  I am beyond excited for this amazing opportunity! I’m so honored to have this role.

What are you most excited about with this role? Since the Fat Talk Free workshops, Stacy Nadeau seminar and Panhellenic’s “Be Beautiful Campaign,” I’ve discovered that healthy body image is something I’m really passionate about.  I’m so excited to be a representative of the cause for all of Tri Delta. And of course, I’m excited to be representing the Gamma Tau chapter (:
Well, I think we can all see what an amazing impact Allie will have on our sisters and others following Tri Delta’s work with healthy body image and putting an end to fat talk. This is only the beginning for our sweet sister, we are thrilled to support you and this phenomenal opportunity you are about to experience. We love you Allie!

-Gamma Tau

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