Oh The Places You Will Go!

There are so many emotions seniors are feeling right now with graduation– excited, sad, nervous, relieved… EVERYTHING. Now matter how each of these women are feeling, one thing is certain and that is they have a huge journey ahead of them! Some sisters plan to explore the world through traveling, some will continue to advance their education and some are about to take on a “big girl job”. Regardless of what their next step may be, we are so excited and proud to see these ladies take on the next chapter of their life. Here are some post-grad plans our seniors are about to embark on.

What are your plans after graduation?

“I’ve accepted a job offer with Rugged Maniac, which is a company based out of Boston that plans and implements obstacle course/mud run based 5K’s all over the US. Not only will I be planning the races themselves, but also the after-party in which local breweries and bands come to celebrate the accomplishments of participants completing the race. Rugged Maniac travels all over the US to put on these races, so I encourage everyone to check out their website http://www.ruggedmaniac.com/ and join a race in their area! :)” – Lauren Hamill

“I am getting my Master’s degree at Notre Dame of Maryland University. I will be studying Contemporary Communication.” -Jenna Stone 

“Traveling and seeing where this crazy life takes me!” -Heather Jamer

“I’m moving to CALI! Watch out Hollywood.. I’m coming for you!” -Lisl Magboo

“I am eagerly awaiting my acceptance to Central Michigan University! I got a graduate assistant job there for the next two years and am now just waiting for the official letter! (so this could get awkward if I don’t get it….ah)” -Makenzie Walter

These are some incredible opportunities these women are about to experience and we can’t wait to see how far you all will go! Congrats girls we know you are going to have an amazing time 🙂

Delta Love,

-Gamma Tau


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