Meet Our Officer: Member Development

Name: Lexi Vermillion

Year: Sophomore

Major: Hospitality Management

Hometown: Centreville, VA

Favorite Tri Delta Moment: Bid Celebration as a new member

Meet our Member Development Chair, Lexi Vermillion. This vivacious sophomore is so involved with Tri Delta and has been leading our chapter since her freshman year. Her position involves planning the majority of the chapter’s big events. Such events include Senior Week in the spring and Parents Weekend in the fall. She also is responsible for holding open meetings that encourage sisters to expand their realms and challenge their thoughts.

We are currently in the middle of Senior Week and Lexi has done a fabulous job organizing events and celebrating our seniors. Some of the events Lexi has put together are cap decorating, a tour of a vineyard accompanied by wine tasting and senior dinner/bar crawl. She even changed things up on Monday night when they were at cap decorating by throwing a huge surprise for the girls. Lexi asked Tri Delta family members to arrange baskets full of candy, office supplies and fun items for their seniors. When the seniors arrived to the basement and found these baskets, they were shocked once again when JMU’s acapella group, Exit 245 serenaded them. The purpose of these surprises was to recreate the first experience the seniors had as new members in Tri Delta during Big/Little week.

Lexi has obviously worked very closely with the seniors to make sure they are having the best time as possible. It has been a great way for her to bond with her sisters even more and she has had a blast the whole time.

“Working so closely with the seniors has been extremely fun and I have loved every minute of making this week great for them. They have all expressed such gratitude and appreciation which has made the experience that more special.”

Being Member Development Chairman has truly impacted Lexi and her time in Tri Delta. “It has challenged me where I have grown personally and as a leader. I have strengthened my time management, organization and communication skills a great deal through this position.” We are so thankful for all of the hard work Lexi has put in with her postion and we look forward to see her grow even more as a leader in Tri Delta. We love you Lexi!

Delta Love,

-Gamma Tau


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