Life As A Working Delta: Libby Hale

The end of the year is approaching and Gamma Tau is thrilled to celebrate Senior Week! During this week, we will be posting many stories that are all about our beautiful seniors. A great way to get things started is by hearing from some of our alumni. We contacted our bubbly and spunky sister, Libby Hale to hear what her life has been life after graduating from JMU and becoming a Tri Delta alumni. Libby is such an inspiring sister and has lots of stories to tell and advice to give. Here is her story!

Name: Libby Hale
Pledge Class: Kappa
Year of Graduation: 2011
Hometown: Roanoke VA
Positions Held: Assistant New Member Educator, Sponsor Chair
Favorite Tri Delta Moment: Watching my little family grow to be SUPER GIANT!, winning Greek Sing and all of the excitement of actually being a part of the whole performance my first years (Freshman year I had Mono and pink eye AT THE SAME TIME and still loved every minute of it!), getting to represent DDD as Sorority woman of the year and know that all my sisters were supporting me and cheering me on
What role did you have during your time at JMU? I was definitely super mega over involved, starting from Freshman year, and it has not changed since! At times I struggled to balance time between Tri Delta, Student Ambassadors and other friends and committments (schoolwork… wait…?) but I think that it taught me a lot about time management, being organized and functioning on single digit hours of sleep. Within Tri Delta, I tried to be a good older sister to younger girls, because I had great role models when I first got in. I really wanted them to be able to come to me and feel like they could always trust and approach me, and that I loved them all like crazy.
How did Tri Delta impact your time at JMU?
Tri Delta completely changed my life at JMU. Because I got in Freshman year, it shaped my entire first year and showed me what it meant to be involved in something I really cared about. After Freshman year, it taught me about working with all different personalities, being a leader and balancing multiple priorities. I believe it gave me a strong network of friends and sisters both at JMU and with people I hadn’t met yet. I still meet new Tri Deltas all the time, and spend time with my sorority family that lives here at least monthly.
Looking back, what do you wish you would have known before entering the work force?
What’s meant to be will be! It’s so easy to get stressed about finding a job and meeting the right people, but your plan is unfolding exactly as it should, and all you can do is be patient and diligent and the right things will find you. I saw a lot of my close friends take jobs just because they could, and they were available, and they ended up being super unhappy and ultimately leaving. Take the time to find the perfect fit for you, don’t settle 🙂 It’s impossible to understand how things are fitting together looking forward, but one of my favorite things is to look back and see why some doors closed and others opened.
What are you up to now and where? Describe your job.
I lived in Florida for a while and worked with Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and Honeymoons as their Social Media Marketing intern. I was scared to death and 94.8% sure I didn’t want to live that far from home, but I met some of my best friends and had some amazing experiences down there. It made me grow up a TON.
Currently, I live in Arlington and work at RedPeg Marketing in Old Town Alexandria. It’s a pretty small company, and we specialize in Experiential Marketing (a fancy way to say interactive experiences, events and really cool promotions!). I do social media for them as well, and I work with clients like Chevy, Geico, and Cadillac (can y’all picture me being in charge of anything relating to cars…?!). I absolutely love how much it changes day to day, and the large amount of responsibility I get at a small, creative agency. The people I work with are a hoot, and I immediately felt comfortable the day I started. The culture of an office is really important, so don’t forget to think about that when searching!
How did Tri Delta prepare you for the real world?
It taught me to be flexible and organized, as well as to be able to juggle lots at once. I was given a lot of room to be creative and responsible in my officer roles, so I definitely use that every day.
What’s life like post-graduation?
Different! I feel like I learn more post-grad every single day than I ever did in school. Sometimes I feel incredibly overwhelmed and JMU-sick, but other times I literally can’t stop smiling because I love my job, friends and city. You get to know yourself really well, and that is a cool feeling!
Any final advice for the seniors 🙂

Network, network, network! Stay in touch with all your professors and friends from school, and really rack your  brain about alumni, friends and family from home, and anyone else that could be on your “team” once you graduate! AND DON’T WORRY 🙂 You are all kind and smart and important and worrying will just ruin everything. Just be excited about the future and wait for it to arrive!

I hope you all enjoyed what Libby has to say. We sure do miss her fun-loving personality and hilarious comments, but we are so proud of all the work she is doing! Big thanks to Libby for your help, we love you!

Delta Love,

-Gamma Tau


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