Meet Our Officer: Continuing Education

Name: Kristen Hotz
Major: Media Arts & Design
Hometown: Devon, Pennsylvania
Favorite Tri Delta Moment: Living in the Tri Delta house sophomore year
 Meet our Continuing Education Chair, Kristen Hotz. Kristen is a down to earth northern girl who loves all things Tri Delta. As Continuing Education Chair, her biggest responsibilities are planning Pansy Brunch and Founder’s Day. Pansy Brunch is an event put on at the end of spring semester where we celebrate the graduation of our seniors and their process of becoming and alumni. During Founder’s Day, we celebrate the founding of Tri Delta and discuss the importance our sisterhood has on our lives thanks to our founders. Kristen is also in charge of educating our chapter on the history of Tri Delta by giving fun facts about our sorority. We dedicate a different topic every week that relates to the meaning of Tri Delta and our founding purpose.
This past Sunday, April 15th was our annual Pansy Brunch. Kristen did an amazing job putting on this special event. It was a beautiful morning where sisters gathered to celebrate our seniors with their parents. We all met in Festival Ballroom on campus with delicious food provided by Festival staff, a slideshow consisting of seniors’ baby pictures and photos throughout their time in Tri Delta. We ended the event by having sisters toast each senior and congratulating them on graduation and completing Circle Degree, which makes them official alumni.
This day would not have been possible without Kristen’s devotion to organize and make Pansy Brunch as special as possible. She was fortunate enough to get some help from other sisters, but a lot of planning involved months of preparation. From the beginning of this semester, Kristen set aside time to send out invitations to parents, organize the senior memory book, have sisters write letters to seniors for the booklet, work on the slideshow, and put together seating arrangements. 
The morning began by having two of our alumni, Liz Safranek and Jackie Mckay as well as our adviser Sandy Minskoff head up the Circle Degree ceremony. Once this ritual ended, the rest of the chapter met for the brunch to finally begin. The day could not have been more perfect. It definitely reminded all of us why we love Tri Delta and how thankful we are to have each other as sisters.
 Now that Kristen is done working on Pansy Brunch, she is making big plans for next semester. Her main focus is now on Founder’s Day, which is also a very important day for Gamma Tau. Last year we had a great time celebrating this day at Massanetta Springs in their wonderful lodge. Kristen hopes to hold this event at the same place in November. We are so excited to see how Kristen’s planning will end up in November and we are confident that it will be incredible just like Pansy Brunch was.
 Kristen is so happy to be Continuing Education Chair and it has taught her a lot about herself. “It has given me great learning experiences about being a leader and organizing events. I have learned many things about staying organized and time management skills that I know I will use in my future.” Along with gaining expertise on event planning, Kristen has formed even closer bonds with fellow officers and sisters. There are so many things that go into planning big events such as these ones and Kristen has spent a lot of time working with other sisters to ensure the events’ success. Thank you so much Kristen for working so hard on Pansy Brunch. We can all agree that it was done impeccably and made us very appreciative of our strong sisterhood.
Delta Love,
-Gamma Tau

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