Delta Olympics

Last week, Tri Delta participated in Greek Week. Activities and events were put on throughout the week that were a little different than how they were in the past. Two of our sisters, Allie Waller and Emily Rupertus served on this year’s Greek Week committee to help organize our team with information each day. This year we were put on a team with Sigma Phi Epsilon and Omega Psi Phi. We had a blast getting to know our teammates.

Each day was broken up with one activity. Monday, a speaker came to the GAMMA meeting with the topic, “Keeping friendship alive”. This discussion was centered around alcohol safety and raised awareness among the community. Tuesday was Greek Sing and Tri Delta did not disappoint with our Olympic-inspired performance. An inspiring presentation on diversity was given on Wednesday where many sisters learned more about this idea. The FSL office put on their annual, “Egg Hunt on the Row” on Thursday where young children get to go from house to house on the row for an Easter egg hunt. Shack-a-thon was also on Thursday and we had to create a shack that resembled one of the seven wonders of the world. The week ended with a barbeque on campus for awards open to members of the greek community. Overall, we did a great job with keeping the Delta spirit alive this week and we once again had an amazing time during Greek Week!

Check out these Greek Sing pictures and WATCH THIS YEAR’S GREEK SING: DELTA OLYMPICS!

Delta Love,

-Gamma Tau


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