Gamma Tau turns 14!

Now couldn’t be a more perfect time to celebrate our 14th birthday with fun events like the Be Beautiful Campaign, Triple Play, St. Jude month, Greek Week, Greek Sing, and Pansy Brunch coming up. We would like to take the time to thank our founding pledge class for bringing the best sisterhood a girl could ever find. Celebrate this special day with us and read a letter from our president, Stacey Diapoulis.


Today, our chapter celebrates our 14th birthday at JMU! On this day in 1998, having 152 initiates, Gamma Tau set the record for the largest charter class in Tri Delta history! Today, at 167 active members, Gamma Tau is one of the largest chapters on James Madison’s campus. With our large sisterhood, we have remained a strong chapter, continuing to build and strengthen what our founders worked so hard to create. The purpose of Delta Delta Delta is comprised of four tiers: sisterhood, character, unselfish leadership, and intellect.  Over these past 14 years, we have formed a long-lasting sisterhood, built a stronger, more womanly character, exemplified in leadership across campus and in our community, and strived in scholarship. As President, I have the distinguished honor of representing these remarkable women on our campus and in the community. Whether it’s at a ritual event in a sea of white dresses, raising almost $50,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital at our letter writing, Triple Play, and philanthropy events, seeing Delta’s take over campus on Wednesday letter days, conducting weekly chapter meetings in our Sunday’s finest, belting out chants at the top of our lungs until we have no voice, enjoying the lovely view of Newman lake from the Delta house, or rockin’ sundresses and cowboy boots for our weekend festivities, we spread Delta love wherever we go. So, today, we celebrate the birthday of our chapter, yes, but to us, it’s much more than that. We celebrate our meaningful friendships, timeless values, lifelong commitment, and opportunities that our founders have given us. I couldn’t be more proud to be apart of such an amazing sisterhood, and look forward to more Gamma Tau birthday celebrations in the future! 

Delta Love to the Crescent Moon and Back,



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