Meet Our Officer: Music Chair

Name: Lindsay Malinchak

Major: Media Arts & Design

Hometown: Clifton, VA

Favorite Tri Delta Moment: Getting her little Amanda

Gamma Tau would like you to meet our vivacious music chair, Lindsay Malinchak. Lindsay is a lively junior who uses her creative talents and skills in Tri Delta. As music chair, Lindsay is currently our Greek Sing director. She is responsible for coordinating 150 sisters into dancers, hands and props that make up the overall performance. Lindsay also teaches our chapter the Tri Delta ritual songs, which are an avid part in initiation and other sacred ceremonies.

Tuesday, April 3rd is the day Greek Sing will be held. This event is part of Greek Week where all chapters come up with a theme and make one big, over-the-top routine. Sororities take this performance very seriously with hopes of taking home the winning title. As reigning champions, Lindsay has been working diligently to keep the winning title. As far as planning Greek Sing goes, Lindsay has described it to be quite the process. “I can definitely say I didn’t know how much effort was put into the event. However, it is a once in a lifetime creative opportunity that I wouldn’t trade. Practice is going beautifully. My leads for hands and dance have really stepped up choreographing amazing routines in such a short amount of time.”

Lindsay as well as the entire chapter are anxious to see the final product tomorrow. Lindsay has had this incredible vision of how Greek Sing will turn out and we can’t wait to see hands, dance and props all together on the big night. As much stress, work and time her postion has brought her, Lindsay says this experience has truly impacted her and her time with Tri Delta. She knew her sisters would always be there to help her every step of the way during this process, but women have stepped up in more ways than she ever imagined. “As much as music chair leads the event, it truly is a chapter event. I don’t think I have told the girls enough during practices how much I appreciate their dedication.”

I think the entire chapter can agree with Lindsay that Greek Sing really is a fun event that Tri Delta gets to participate in. It is something we all look forward to in the spring semester since we all get to spend so much time together while having a great time. We are so proud of Lindsay’s commitment to her position and there is no doubt in our mind that Tri Delta will deliver an amazing routine because of Lindsay’s passion and vision. Great job on Greek Sing Lindsay, we love you!

Delta Love,

-Gamma Tau


2 thoughts on “Meet Our Officer: Music Chair

  1. Even from Boston, MA I am thinking about you girls tonight and want you all to do your best! Rose Davis (Liza’s Mom)

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