Happy Hunger Games!


The day has finally arrived! The premiere of the post-apocalyptic best selling novel, The Hunger Games. Deltas swarmed the Harrisonburg theater last night anxiously awaiting the midnight viewing of the film. Whether you’re Team Peeta or Team Gale, all the ladies were drooling over these futuristic hunks and envying courageous Katniss. This groundbreaking movie sold the most tickets in advance ever, even beating out the Harry Potter films!

Fun fact for the deltas: Did you know Elizabeth Banks who plays avant-garde Capitol ambassador Effie Trinkett is a Tri Delta? This delta turned actress attended University of Pennsylvania. Banks describes her character’s look with US magazine. “We spent two days playing with clothes and makeup. We used Marie Antoinette as a reference, she’s a little kooky”. Make sure to catch this talented delta in the film, so go out and buy a ticket NOW! You won’t be disappointed with this thrilling movie and remember– “May the odds be ever in your favor”.

Check out the trailer if you want to learn more about the Hunger Games


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