National Ritual Celebration Week!

Happy National Ritual Celebration Week Deltas!

What a beautiful week it is to celebrate what it truly means to be a sister of Delta Delta Delta. It is so important that we take the time to remember what brought us to our sorority in the first place. We may have all joined for different reasons, but many of us come to realize that we find so much more in our chapter thanks to the ritual.

Tri Delta is based upon our core values and rituals, which unites sisters from all over the country. Gamma Tau is so proud to be a part of this celebration and would like to encourage everyone to reflect what it means to be a Tri Delta and the beauty of our ritual. National Ritual Celebration Week is from March 4th-March 10th, but don’t let this reflection end after the week. Here are some ways to celebrate:

  • Rededication Ceremony- We did this a year ago, where sisters got to rededicate their pledge to Delta Delta Delta and review our core values. Not only is it very refreshing, but a great way to bond with sisters & your family!
  • Ritual Study- Gamma Tau recently began to hold weekly ritual study programs open to all sisters. Each week is centered on a specific topic on the Tri Delta ritual, discuss the importance of this week and share your own reflections.
  • Study Tri Delta symbols and analyze what they mean in today’s terms. How can you incorporate these symbols into your daily life?
  • Have a family dinner where you all discuss the ritual and our core values.
  • Chapter sing Tri Delta songs together
  • CONVERSATIONS!!! It is up to us to continue these discussions on the ritual with one another. Something as simple as analyzing a line in the Tri Delta purpose could be a great conversation starter with one of your sisters.

A key message to take from this week long celebration is to continue having these discussions and activities centered around the ritual. The ritual is what brings us together as sisters, so let’s continue this perpetual bond of friendship by living it in everything we do.

Delta love and all of mine,

Gamma Tau


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