2012 Annual Report


“To establish a perpetual bond of friendship among its members, to develop a stronger and more womanly character…”

Our sisterhood this year has grown tremendously. One of the main focus’ of the year was ritual and values. We implemented a weekly ritual study, performed a Re-dedication Ceremony before Recruitment, practiced a Values Based Recruitment, and lived out our values daily. Below is a list of other events put on that embody our strong sisterhood:

Devotional at chapter

Life Study

Ritual Study

Alumni brunch and tailgate

Values discussion from Kristin Muncy each semester

PR—blog, update Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

New Member Education   program focused on new member integration. 

Positive encouragement and recognition of sisters

Purpose-driven point system—called the “Pearl System” categories: unselfish leadership, sisterhood, university—take parts of purpose that match

Founders Day and Pansy Brunch

Published in Trident Magazine

“One aspect of Gamma Tau’s chapter operation that I was very impressed with was the chapter’s new member integration.  During my stay, the chapter hosted an ice cream social intended to allow the seniors and new members to get to know one another, and I’m under the impression that the chapter hosts events for new members with each of the classes (sophomores, juniors, etc.) regularly as well.  All the active members were eager to get to know the new members, and the new members seemed very comfortable interacting both with one another and the active sisters. I also had the chance to attend the new member retreat during my visit and was very happy to see the active sisters were all engaged in an committed to ensuring the retreat went smoothly and was an enjoyable time for the new members.  A variety of active sisters volunteered to help the New Member Educators with the retreat, and I was very happy to see there was a large turnout from active sisters at the retreat to participate in a discussion about what Tri Delta has meant to them throughout the years.  I think this is such a good way to set the expectation of continued involvement and educate the new members about what life-long membership looks like!” –Margo Jasukaitis, Tri Delta Field Consultant

“To promote and develop mutually beneficial relationships between the Fraternity and the colleges and universities, where the Fraternity has established chapters…”

Our chapter is so unique and exceptional in that we have so many sisters that are strong and prominent leaders around campus. For example, the Senior Class President, Order of Omega President, G.A.M.M.A President, Junior Panhellenic President, previous Panhellenic President and future Panhellenic President Elect are all sisters of Tri Delta. We also have women involved in Student Ambassadors, Make Your Mark on Madison, Orientation Peer Advisers and Operation Beautiful are all sisters of Tri Delta. We constantly look for ways to stay active within our chapter and out in the community by participating in the following events:

Easter Egg Hunt & Trick or Treat on the Row

Officer Leader Workshop

Nationals Award—Outstanding Membership Recruitment

Committees—8 right now with committee heads, Nomination Committee, MSC, bylaws, OTC, standards

Disability awareness event

Highlight individual sisters in “meet our sister” blog posts

Officer teams:

” I believe the reason Gamma Tau is as strong a chapter as it is is
because it has such a solid group of officers.  The women Gamma Tau
slates in to leadership roles are perfectly suited for their respective
duties and are clearly very passionate about the Fraternity and
chapter.” –Margo Jasukaitis, Tri Delta Field Consultant

“To develop qualities of unselfish leadership among its members…”

We have formed a stronger connection with our philanthropy, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The overall awareness of St. Jude and the hospital’s mission has skyrocketed in the past year for our chapter, the Greek community, the JMU community and Harrisonburg community in general. Our sisters have come together and worked as a team whether we are raising money for our philanthropy or serving the community. This year, we gave back in the following ways:

Reese’s Run– $3,000

Triple Play

DHOP– first annual event with 100% of proceeds benefiting St. Jude (raised almost $4000 in 2.5 hours)

Proceeds Nights (Chili’s, Sweet Bees, Dona Rosa)

Toy Drive

Cats Cradle


Big Event

Mary Kay/Jewelry Show

Stella & Dot

Ingram Story

Letter Writing

Fat Talk Free Week—collaborated with Panhellenic

“To encourage them to assume, with integrity and devotion, to moral and democratic principles, the highest responsibilities of college women…”

Social Responsibility has seen a big improvement in the past year. We, as an entire chapter, are making the strides to improve our social responsibility. We were granted a BYOB Waiver from our National Headquarters in September 2012. We hope to get more education about this but we are making great efforts and have had chapter wide conversations about being socially responsible. These are steps we have taken so far to improve our level of social responsibility:

Holds chapter members accountable through a Standards Board

House committee—keeps all policies and safety hazards known

Entire house renovation

Crime & alcohol prevention speaker

FSL event on anti-hazing

Registered 4 events last semester and 2 this semester

Emergency Phone Tree list

Educating risk management and PR

Model our values

Attend other chapter events for community support and outreach

Presentation on being socially responsible on social media

Sarah Ida Shaw and PR Princess awards

“To broaden the moral and intellectual life…”

Our academics have dramatically improved this year from going to the sixth ranked chapter on the row to the second. We improved our academics in the following ways: 

Study hours twice a week

Raised chapter GPA by .04 from fall 2011 to spring 2012

Ranked 3rd in highest GPA out of all greek groups

Current GPA spring 2012 3.168

Cumulative semester GPA went from 3.1 (fall) to 3.26 (spring)

Major mentor and tutoring list

Members below bylaws decreased from 16 to 6.

Eileen Blaine Rudolph award—Jess Spiegler national Tri Delta award each chapter gives out

One on one mentoring with Academic chair (bi-monthly)

New faculty adviser- Veronica Jones

Upcoming faculty and staff coffee hour

Blog post from Academic chair about study tips for finals

“No skippy jar”–enter name raffle for girls who don’t skip class

Faculty and staff coffee hour

Academic Banquet— 28 sisters on Dean’s List; 5 on President’s List

Quotes and Testimonials

“I truly believe that being in Tri Delta helped shape me into the person that I was during my college career and still am today.  Holding a position and having the support of 100+ girls provides you with the confidence you need to accomplish anything.” –Ali Malinchak, alumna sister

“They are always involved in the Harrisonburg community”- Matt Ingram, FSL intern

“The values of Tri Delta resonated with me and made me very proud to carry out what we stood for in my daily life. It was always my goal to live out truth, service, self-sacrifice and friendship, and I still strive to do that today.” –Anne Blessing, alumna sister

“I think that they are a very diverse group of girls working towards common goals sharing common values”- Alexis Harvey, Assistant Greek Coordinator

“I love everything about Tri Delta, but if I HAD to narrow it down, I would say the amount of laughter that can be heard whenever any number of us are together is what I love most. We are one fun group- and we want everyone to know it.” –Makenzie Walter, alumna sister

“They have definitely shown their care and love for the chapter whether its in their involvement or the things that they talk about how they want to see the chapter improve, it’s always been very evident that they have a lot of passion for Tri Delta and the chapter as a whole”- Abby Remein, Greek Intervarsity

“Tri Delta as an organization has been very visible in an extremely positive way not only in our community but at JMU as a whole.” –Taylor Symons, FSL Graduate Assistant


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